Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Was Productive Today.....

So, I got alot of things done today....Finished 2 projects...Yeah!!!!!
I've been knitting hats for the Flagstaff International Relief Effort....Brenda Dayne mentioned it on her podcast about 2 weeks ago...."Knit One, Give Two" was the title of the podcast...well, it got me knitting....I was knitting the hats for 'Chemo-Caps' then I decided that this summer was for this charity since there is a deadline which is July 15th. My hats must be in Flagstaff by this date. I'm hoping to knit about 30 in different sizes and colors..I think I've knit about 12 so far....I'm trying to knit at least one a day since it goes pretty quickly..I was going to knit for the World Cup but, decided to do this instead..Maybe next year...anyway, I'm moving in August and I'm really looking forward to that. I've already started getting organized for it. I don't want to leave anything until the last minute because, I'm going to be busy until I move...Lot's of housesitting and my friends Nicole & John are having a reception July 22nd...I'm looking forward to that and the next couple of weeks...So far this summer has been good...The weather has been mild and I'm hoping that it doesn't get too hot..Chicago summers can be really, really humid and it's not good...I'm planning a trip to Phoenix in the midst of all this business..I don't know though. I really need to go there and tie up some loose ends. I have a storage unit filled with crap and I'd really like to 'purge' that and send home the things that I need or want...Personal items and such...It's just my procrastination that has finally bitten me in the ass...Here I am almost ready to move and I have loose ends to tie up 2000 miles away...Well, what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger...I'm going to add my picture of Snoop to this entry because for some reason it did not show up on my entry about him...So here is Snoop...


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